Chalene Johnson’s Podcast: “The Chalene Show”|It’s Time to Turn Up the Volume in Your Life!

Mk, so… Listen Up!

I feel guilty that I have been keeping this to myself for so long. It’s almost like a feeling that I’ve committed a crime because the content is SO valuable and I haven’t shared! So, here I go!


Have you ever thought- what else is there? Where am I going in life? I’m not happy. I want to create something. I want to be, do, and have more, AND feel good about it? Do you want to help the people you love? Have you ever thought about making money doing something you’re passionate about, but you’re not sure where to begin? Be a smart business owner? Do you want to be happier? Healthier? Just be an all around better YOU?

THEN, GO SUBSCRIBE to her show and start listening. BAM! That’s it.

If you’re being honest and you’ve asked yourself some– or even just one! –of those questions, I highly HIGHLY encourage you to hop on over to iTunes and download the Podcast app (it’s FREE). For Android users, download the Stitcher app (also FREE). AND lastly, you can even listen using your computer- yep (just download itunes OR stitcher to your desktop). Now, you really have no excuse! There’s tons and tons of quality information on her show.

  • Search for “The Chalene Show
  • Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to automatically get new episodes
  • Put in those earphones, and listen away!

I listen to podcasts everyday, not kidding, I’m kind of a podcast whore right now — in a good way. I’ll listen while I clean, cook, take a shower, while I’m putting on my makeup, going on walks, during bike rides, in the car. Basically anywhere! If you’re going to be doing those things anyway, THEN why not gain some knowledge while you’re at it? My kids even know her by name now. Any time they hear or see her, they ask, “is that Chalene?.” Pretty funny.

I really feel so lucky and grateful everyday for having found Chalene. I consider her my mentor. She’s a true inspiration! And she’s entertaining! Who doesn’t like that?! I want imitate her amazingness! It’s crazy how many times I’ve turned a podcast on and was shocked at how what she was saying was SO relevant to me at that moment. Sometimes tears were shed, or a little chuckle had.

Plus, if you’re anything like me (and you probably are cuz you’re still reading this) you LOVE to learn how to improve your life in all areas. I promise you won’t regret it. I KNOW YOU’VE GOT THAT BURNING DESIRE WITHIN! Sooooo

Go listen!

Then, come back here and l tell me what you think.

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P. to the S.  Are you curious to know what else I’m listening to? Sweet! I’ll be doing a post in the future with My Top 10 Favorite Podcast Shows– so let’s keep in touch. I’ve also been thinking about doing a tutorial of “How to Add Podcasts to Your iPhone” -YA? NA?

For now, ‘KeepOnn’ keeping on! <–See what I did there? 😉

I’m out!


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