Welcome! Shalae is my name. I’m married to an awesome guy, and a parent of two awesome munchkins!


Here you’ll find fitness tips, workouts, reviews, recipes, information for a better you, the latest happenings with my shop, local info, and anything I wish to share.

How did it start?

I was browsing the craft isle pregnantly at the store when all the fun buttons caught my eye. I then thought, “Hey! Those would make really cute earrings!” And thus…lead me to make button earrings as thank you gifts for everyone that attended my baby shower (back in 2012). I received a lot of positive feedback on them which inspired me to create a business out of it. AND here I am… with a blog, & an Etsy shop!

Today, when I get a new idea or something pops in my head I immediately pull out my phone or notebook (depending on where I am) and document it. I come back to those ideas when I need to be inspired or pull something new into creation. And it’s fun- REALLY fun… for me! I get excited. It makes me laugh as I’m sitting here thinking about the excitement I feel. That’s just one key element that keeps motivated and progressing.

What’s behind the name “KeepOnn”?

It comes from the phrase “keep on moving forward.” I think this fits me perfectly because I’m all about positive quotes and messages. I have really come to like and feel inspired by that particular phrase in my life to help me to keep moving, keep doing my best, see the positive in life, in my future, and really reach out for what I want. I hope I can rub off some inspiration to those around me, and those who follow me. You all are more powerful than you realize and deserve the best that life has to offer. Keep on moving. Keep on working for what you want until you get it!


Thank you for checking KeepOnn out! I hope you like what you see. If you’d like to browse my creations- take a little visit to my Storenvy (Clothing + more) and also my Etsy Shop (Earrings + Art Prints)! Be sure to join my mailing list to see new items, receive special offers, giveaways, updates, and all that jazz!

I am thrilled if you ever want to share any information, recipes, posts, etc. directly from my site to your website. All I ask is that you link back to me or give me credit if you’re using any of my info. Thank you much!

8 Fun Things About Myself! -Since 8 is My FaveORite Number

1. I laugh easily… Especially late at night, when people are trying to sleep, even in serious situations & environments … And at lame jokes.


2. I LOVE to dance. I think since always. There’s proof from my pictures as a child and my sister recently reminded me that I forced her to learn a dance with me. -which she now loves dance herself. We used to have conversations about how cool it would be if life were like the musicals where everyone busted out in dance and song randomly and we all just happened to know the right moves. I was on drill team in high school, dance/cheer team in college and still will take up dancing whenever I can. Dance is always on my mind!

3. I’ve always had a passion for fashion – ever since I can remember I’ve loved shopping & dressing up! Although, I think I’ve more recently come to develop a sense of style, ha! There’s a lot more to it than you’d think. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”-Rachel Zoe


4. I have 2 AMAZEingly Brilliant Awesome Happy kids. I’ve never learned so much about love since becoming a parent. It’s a roller coaster of tough, exciting, funny, sad, & bliss -and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


5. I think Working Out is awesome! My current routine consists of intermittent fasting combined with HIIT workouts, weight lifting, stretching, yoga, handstands, headstands, dance, +playing sports-volleyball being a favorite, and getting outdoors whenever possible. My current goal is to hold a handstand for 30 second, and I practice them everyday! I like to consider myself an athlete. I passionately believe in living an active lifestyle.

6. Documentaries interest me a lot. I always like learning new things and discussing the possibilities/mysteries of life.

7. I enjoy all colors of the rainbow but RED is the best.

8. I’m always happy to read & am motivated by inspirational quotes, pics, sayings, & am ALLLL about anything to help me be my best! Which is why I’ve begun to add typography prints to the shop. I can get lost on the computer for hours creating something inspiring!


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